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Consortium for the Educational Advancement of Travel Instruction
Position Papers:

A Best Practice Approach
Determining Highly Qualified Travel Instructors

This paper intends to provide information on what CEATI considers best practice for the profession of travel instruction. As with many emerging occupations, a standard of competence must be determined and a method for evaluating these skills is essential. The recipients of travel instruction and their families must have assurance that the persons providing travel instruction is a skilled instructor. In addition, agencies, and employers of travel instructors must have some method for assuring the qualifications as well.

Definition: Travel instructors are professionals who teach independent travel skills in the community which may include the use of public transportation to persons with disabilities and seniors.

This document provides initial qualifications, specific essential preparation requirements, and required demonstrated field competencies. As a developing profession, it is anticipated that the next decade will experience a tremendous growth in this field, making didactic coursework as well as a field practicum at Universities a fundamental and mandatory requirement for travel instructors. more ...

Enhancing Professional Development through
Shared Learning Across Disciplines

The professions of occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (physiotherapy) (PT), orientation and mobility instruction (O&M), and travel instruction (TI), have many opportunities for intersections to occur when professionals from these fields are working with individual clients. Most often, however, clients receive treatment or service in discrete and unconnected fashion, even if an individual client is receiving services from professionals in each of these fields. We believe that collaboration among these professionals inform and edify one another’s practice and thereby, enhance the overall service delivery for clients.

Popular and professional writing is replete with declarations on the benefits brought about as a result of collaborating with someone outside one’s own field.  One does not have to look far for journal and magazine articles that tout the wisdom of collaboration. more ...


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