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Las Vegas, Nevada
October 21 and 22, 2016

Consortium for the Educational Advancement of Travel Instruction

"Takin' It to the Streets: Skills to Further Enhance
Your Practice of Travel Instruction "

RTC Mobility Training Center
5165 West Sunset Road
Las Vegas, NV 89118

To all those that didn’t make it to Las Vegas for the conference I wanted to say you missed a great opportunity to improve and expand your knowledge base of independent travel.  While I am relatively new to the world of Travel Training, I have been training people who are blind how to travel independently for over 30 years, cane, dog didn’t matter let’s  just get people moving.  This was my first conference dealing strictly with travel training and I couldn’t help but see the cross over and interdependent methods that Travel Training and O&M share.  There is much each discipline can gain from each other to make us all better instructors or service providers.  There were some great sessions for organizations/people like me looking to provide services in a new market or create a program and I could spend a good deal of time discussing them.  However, my interest has always been in ways to improve safety in travel, so I took particulate interest in a session by Dr. Gene Bourquin on “Influencing Drivers and Reducing Street Crossing Risk: What Research Tells Us”.  This was some solid research that took some of the conventional O&M thoughts and methods and showed how they could be improved to create safer crossing scenarios.  I would encourage anyone that trains people on the streets to seek this research out, it had great value.  All in all, one of the better conferences I have ever attended. I am making sure what went on in Vegas does not stay there, came back with some great ideas and knowledge and intend to share it with my team at Leader Dog.

Regards Rod Haneline CPSO, VP Leader Dogs for the Blind

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